Welcome to our blog...background info and updates!

Hi Everyone and Welcome to our 'Caravan Shop' Blog! 

Firstly I'll just  give you some quick background info on us and who we are.

The Caravan Shop is our online shop with our physical shop being at Gympie Caravan & RV, located at 66 Red Hill Road Gympie. At Gympie Caravan & RV we sell, repair and service caravans and stock a huge range of spare parts, appliances and accessories. What does this mean for you? It means that we have product knowledge! It also means that we can supply, fit and service what we sell. 


Important News Update!

Evakool have notified us that they have decided to discontinue their Elite Upright Range.
This notice is in effect immediately.
The Elite Upright Range includes the following items: 
The EL81, EL145 & EL208 are out of stock and no longer available. We will continue to pass on further updates for your convenience.

 Featured Product this time is Joolca Hot Tap. We are proud stockists for this awesome product!

Shop News!

We are busily adding new products and working real hard to add shipping dimensions to all our products. In the meantime please call us on 0754824116 with any questions you may have. We look forward to building a reliable and trusting rapport with all our customers. 

Let us know if there is any topic you would like to talk about :)

Cheers for now. 

The Caravan Shop

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