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Product description

Designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries, the Thunder Battery Management System is the perfect addition to any vehicle requiring the management of a dual battery setup.
Designed to be a long-term solution with the highest level of safety in mind, the Thunder Battery Management System features a unique 8 stage charging program with the intelligence to determine the best charge rate for your auxiliary battery.
The remote mount Bluetooth LCD screen also conveniently gives you better visibility on your battery’s state of charge, so you never have to worry about having a flat battery again.
Whether you’re heading off the grid or camping at a powered site, Thunder’s Battery Management System ensures you will always have the power you need.

Integrated Bluetooth LCD Screen
Keeping track of exactly what is happening to your auxiliary and start batteries is paramount when traveling off the beaten track. The Thunder 30A Battery Management System comes with a Bluetooth LCD interface screen, allowing you to have a better visibility of your battery’s state of charge, without looking directly at the unit. Designed for convenience, the portable LCD screen allows you to see the main and auxiliary battery voltages, auxiliary battery percentage, battery time till empty and how much current is flowing in and out of the battery. Other features include the battery fault warning symbol located in the bottom
right corner indicating any battery issues.

Display Screen

1. Input Current
2. Bluetooth Active
3. Battery Capacity
4. Output Current
5. Battery Percentage
6. Battery Gauge
7. Time to Empty
8. Display Switch
9. Battery Fault Indicator
10. Lithium Mode
11. Battery Amp Hour Set
12. Charging Input Active
13. Auxiliary Battery Voltage

The Smart Charger

This charger automatically employs an 8 stage charging program.
These stages switch from one to the next without any user input required.

Recommended Minimum Cable Length / Twin Core

  • 0 - 10 METRES 6 B&S/6AWG* amperage control
  • OVER 10 METRES Consult an auto electrican

Note: When fitting the TDR02026 to a caravan, the cable will need to be connected to the towing vehicle with a suitable heavy duty connector such as a 50A Anderson connector or similar.


  • Heavy duty aluminium case
  • Easy to read remote mount Bluetooth
  • LCD screen
  • 30A 240V charging
  • 30A DC-DC charging
  • Solar input MPPT regulated output
  • (50V 500W max)
  • Displays battery time to empty
  • Usage monitoring in and out
  • Displays battery percentage
  • 12-24V system input with 12V output
  • 0-60°C operating temperature
  • Microchip monitoring and control fully automates
  • high frequency multi-stage charging
  • Pulse mode technology that reduces oxidation and
  • minimises temperature equating to longer battery life
  • Unit will automatically change charge rate mapping
  • for GEL, AGM, Calcium and standard Lead Acid
  • Lithium battery charging profile option
  • Internal charger temperature monitoring and power
  • output control
  • Over charging, short circuit and over
  • temperature protection
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Output 240V: 30A
  • Output DC-DC: 30A
  • Input Fuse Rating: Minimum 50A
  • Output Fuse Rating: Minimum 50A
  • Vehicle Input Voltage Range: 12.2V - 30V* (If >30V the unit will shut off, reset will be needed)
  • Minimum/Maximum Charging Voltages: 13.1V - 15.2V (stops charging when battery is below 12.2V)
  • Lithium Voltages: 14.2V bulk, 13.2V float
  • Solar Input Voltage Range: 13V-50V
  • Maximum Solar Watt Input: 500W (exceeding 500W of solar will damage the unit)
  • Charging Style: 8 Stage from vehicle and 3 stage from solar and lithium
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 60°C (current de-rates after 60°)
  • Float Voltage: 13.8V
  • Standby Current: 10mA
  • Battery Range: 18 to 500Ah
  • External Shunt: 200A

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